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Choosing a watch can be difficult, and there are often questions we can’t answer clearly on the website. In these cases, contact us and we’ll be happy to help. Below are some commonly asked questions that may help you make your choice.

  • What size watch should I choose for my wrist?

    Most people choose a watch between 38mm and 43mm, representing the diameter of the case.

    Choosing the right size is a really personal decision and will depend on the watch and shape of your wrist, as well as the strap and the height of the timepiece.

    The reality is that a beautifully designed watch will suit most wrists.

  • What size strap should I choose for my wrist?

    Standard sized straps fit the majority of people, but if you want to be sure you are ordering the right size strap, follow these steps to measure your wrist, then compare to our chart:

    • Wrap a piece of paper or string around your wrist and at the point of overlap make a mark with a pen.
    • Measure the length of paper to the marked point.
    • Match your measurement to the diagram below to find out if your wrist suits either a Standard or Extra Small size strap
    Standard Strap
    Fits the majority of wrists
    XS Strap
    For very slender wrists
    contact us
    We'll see if we can help
  • Do I need to have my Bracelet resized?

    Some people find that the standard bracelet needs adjusting to fit perfectly. We can resize your bracelet for a small charge when you purchase your watch.

    To see what size of bracelet you need, you need to measure your wrist:

    Wrap a piece of paper or string around your wrist and at the point of overlap make a mark with a pen.

    Measure the length of paper to the marked point.

    Enter your measurement in the drop-down menu on the product page before adding to your basket. We’ll do the rest.

    We will send any removed links with the watch so you can have them replaced at a later date if you wish. Any reputable jeweler can complete this task, or remove more links if required, or we can do the same if you return both watch and links to us.

  • What does ‘preorder’ mean?

    Preorder means that this watch is not yet ready and we’re waiting for its first delivery (or we’re temporarily out of stock). The preorder date is the date we expect it to be ready to ship to customers.

    NB: If you order a preorder watch, we will not charge credit card payments until it is ready to be shipped. For payments by PayPal, the funds will be taken immediately.

  • Can I buy a clasp for my strap?

    We’re afraid not – the clasp is attached to the strap at the time of manufacture and can’t be changed without damaging the strap.

  • Can I buy a new bezel for my watch?

    We can replace broken or damaged bezels as part of a repair or service, but we do not offer a swap-out service.

    Replacing the bezel in a watch is a specialist task requiring an expert technician.

  • Do you have any discount or coupon codes?

    Usually we only share on-going discount codes with registered customers. Please sign up for our email newsletter so you’ll be notified in advance of any upcoming promotions and product launches.

  • Do you offer discounts for multiple purchases or repeat customers?

    We think our high quality watches represent extremely good value, and we work to keep our prices accessible. As such we are unable to offer any discounts outside of our sales and promotions.

  • Can I part-exchange my watch?

    We do not offer a part-exchange service. Sorry.

  • Do you offer interest-free finance?

    No. Sorry.

  • Do you have a list of stockists?

    We only sell direct through this website, or you can arrange a visit to our showroom in Maidenhead, just to the west of London.